Resolution Research®
Resolution Research:
A Full Service Market Research Company Performing both Qualitative Market Research & Quantitative Market Research.

Improve your market share, increase your bottom line, and stay ahead of your competition. At Resolution Research® , our job is to take the guess-work out of the boardroom. To fulfill this goal, we are committed to the highest standards of research preparation, data collection, analysis and reporting. Resolution Research is one of the country’s premier market research firms, providing a full range of services including consultation, survey research design & development, data collection, data entry, recruitment, statistical analysis and reporting.

Focus Group Recruiting
Qualitative market research requires exceptional attention to detail, beginning at the recruitment phase, without which the entire research project would fail. Resolution Research excels in the hard-to-reach and hard-to-recruit audiences as well as all types of consumer market research. Our market research recruiters engage persons for these types of projects: Mock Jury Trials, Consumer Recruitment, IT & Executive Recruitment, Physician Recruitment and more!

Telephone Surveys
As a highly experienced market research company, Resolution Research specializes in applying the telephone for research and communications for both qualitative market research and quantitative market research. We believe that the telephone is one of the best tools available for conducting accurate and cost-effective research and recruitment projects. A few types of telephone surveys include: Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Public Opinion, Energy & Utility, Advertising Research, Naming Studies, Patient Satisfaction Surveys and more!

Online Surveys
Whether you have an existing list of clients, members, students, or prospects or need to access our panel of respondents, Resolution Research can host and indiscernibly manage your online surveys. Learn more about our Online Surveys and Recruit-to-Web capabilities.

Proprietary & Custom Panel Recruitment, Management and Hosting
Resolution Research’s® expertise includes the recruitment, management and hosting of proprietary panels for companies requiring ongoing and immediate access to opinions. Panels provide reduced costs and continuous feedback, which result in better decision-making capabilities and greater brand intelligence. Our services include everything from recruiting panelists to participate in internal studies, to hosting studies, to simply managing incentives or panel preservation.

Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Design
It's not quite as simple as just asking a lot of seemingly relevant questions. The way in which queries are articulated, structured, and sequenced can have a huge impact on the success and accuracy of a survey or interview guide. Depending on your needs, we can assist you with questionnaire design and development to any extent necessary.